Photography use for Marketing - Terms and Conditions

Kent School Photography Terms and Conditions – Photography use for marketing



You/Your – the legal parent/guardian of the child
Child – the subject in the photograph(s)
Kent School Photography – the owner and copyright holder of the photograph(s)
Photograph(s) – the images taken during the period of September 2022 – current date


1.     By submitting the ‘Photo Permission’ form, you are confirming that you are the legal parent/guardian of the child and can grant permission for Kent School Photography to use the photograph(s) taken of your child in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions.


2.     You grant Kent School Photography exclusive permission to use photograph(s):
1)     In printed publications, specifically for use in brochures and similar marketing materials to schools and nurseries
2)     In the advertising of goods and services to market Kent School Photography to schools and nurseries
3)     On the Kent School Photography website


3.     By submitting the ‘Photo Permission’ form you are giving Kent School Photography the pre-approved use of the photograph(s), however not all submissions will be used. If Kent School Photography decides to use the photograph(s), Kent School Photography contact you again to inform you, via email and enclose the personalised voucher code.


4.     Kent School Photography will only contact those whose photograph(s) are selected for use.


5.     Submission of the ‘Photo Permission’ form does not guarantee that your child’s photo will be used and therefore a £20 voucher will not be issued.


6.     Kent School Photography will never disclose any personal information including:
1)     Child’s name
2)     Your name
3)     Child’s address
4)     Your address
5)     Any orders that may have been placed with Kent School Photography
6)     School or nursery name and location unless displayed on clothing. Photograph(s) can be anonymised upon request – section 5.


7.     You understand that the image of your child may be further edited, modified, published, or distributed and waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product.


8.     Kent School Photography can, on request via the ‘Photo Permission’ form, anonymise any photograph(s) via the following methods:
1)     Remove school/nursery logos on clothing
2)     Remove school/nursery names on clothing
3)     Change the colour of clothing
4)     Remove any clothing accessories e.g. badges


9.     You will receive a goodwill gesture in the form of one £20.00 Kent School Photography voucher per child whose photograph(s) Kent School Photography use and is valid for one use only up to 30th June 2025.


10.  You waive the right to any further royalties or other compensation arising or relating to the use of the photograph(s).

11.  If a request to remove the use of the photograph is received by you before the £20.00 goodwill gesture has been redeemed, Kent School Photography reserves the right to invalidate the promotional code.


12.  You consent to Kent School Photography storing copies of the photograph(s) for the specified purposes outlined in section 2 or to it storing your contact details on its database in case it needs to contact me.


13.  Kent School Photography will store all data in accordance with GDPR and in-line with the current Privacy Notice.


14.  You have the right to:
1)     Request any photograph(s) are anonymised
2)     Withdraw consent for Kent School Photography storing your contact details on its database
3)     Access the photograph(s) and any information Kent School Photography holds about you or your child at any time
4)     Request that the photograph(s) and any information Kent School Photography hold about you or your child be removed from any future materials or databases