Frequently Asked Questions

School FAQs

When will you arrive on the day?
We will usually arrive 1 hour before the planned start time giving plenty of time to unpack, set up and answer any questions you and your staff might have.


Do you have a DBS?
Yes. A copy is always on hand for office staff to make a note of.


What insurances do you have?
Kent School Photography has £5m public liability insurance and all electrical equipment is PAT tested for safety.


Do you have a risk assessment we can have?
Absolutely. Just contact us and a copy of the risk assessment can be emailed to you for your records.


Is our data safe with you?
All our data protection policies follow the correct GDPR procedures. The online sales system is fully GDPR compliant and all data is stored on encrypted hard drives. We have signed Data Processor Agreements with all our third-party services to ensure the highest level of security for both you and your parents.


How long does it take to photograph each class?
For individuals we allow 25 minutes for a class of 30 pupils but usually it is completed within 20. For the younger classes, an extra 5 minutes is added just in case. Class photos shouldn’t take any longer than 20 minutes.


How much room will you need?
Normally your school hall is the perfect place to take photos however sometimes schools have other large spaces available. We need approximately 4x5m of clear space for all our lights and background but if your hall is smaller, please get in touch, as those measurements are just a rough guide.


How can parents buy the photos?
We are completely cashless meaning all sales are through our website. Each child will receive a QR code proof card that has all the information needed to view and purchase photos or gifts. Parents can either scan the QR code using a phone or tablet, or visit our shop and manually enter the details.


When will the photos be available for the parents to purchase?
We try and get the photos edited and uploaded to the sales platform within 2 working days but during the busy autumn period, it might take a little longer.


How much does it cost to buy a photo?
Please contact us and we can send you a full product and price list. To give you an idea, a 7x5 print costs in the region of £8-9.


Where do the photographs get delivered?
We have flexible options for parents to choose from with the vast majority choosing free delivery to the school. There are other options to choose from including delivery to a home or an office with lead times averaging around 5 working days.


How long is the ‘free delivery to school’ window open for?
Normally we like to keep this open for a minimum of 2 weeks to allow time for all parents to view and purchase photos, however this may be reduced if the visit date is close to the end of a term to allow for the delivery of the photos. For those parents who choose to sign up to our website, they will receive reminder emails for any deadlines.


Can you provide the school with a copy of the photos for our database?
Yes, this is part of our complimentary service. In order to do this, the school will need to provide us with some pupil data so that we can label each photo with the correct information making it easy to import into your school database.


Can you take photos of our staff?
Yes, the more the merrier! You will also receive a free printed copy of each staff member for your staff board.


Can we have our school logo on our class photo?
Yes we can place this at the bottom of each class photo. All you need to do is email us a high-resolution version of your logo and we can use that. If you are unsure about the image quality of your logo, just get in touch and we can help.


Do you offer a commission?
Don't be fooled by the sales person offering 35-45% commission, this is a common trick and most of the time schools are unaware what that percentage is actually of.

Commission payments were introduced as a way to compensate the school for the extra admin office staff were required to do. Although with Kent School Photography there is virtually zero admin for office staff, we can still offer a commission based on what service you require from us. Get in touch to discuss what we can offer you.

Parent FAQs

Is it possible to place a single order for multiple siblings?
Yes! Click on "Did you get another access code?" under the main menu "Login". You can enter up to five access codes at the same time. This way you will have access to all available photos. You can combine the order and save on shipping costs if there are any.


I received an access card with an access code - how can I order my photos?
If you have received an access card with a personal access code, go to the "Login" page, enter the access code and click on "Open Album."


I received an email with login information - how can I order photos?
After you have placed an order or registered with the online shop, you will receive an email with login credentials. Using your email and the new password, you can use the "Customer Login" to enter your personal gallery, order photos and check the status of your orders.


Where can I see the status of my order?
The easiest way is to click the link within your order confirmation email. Alternatively, you can log in with the password and email address you received via email. Once you’ve logged in, your order details can be found under "My Account".


How long will delivery take?
The delivery time depends on the payment, the products you’ve ordered and delivery method. The payment must be confirmed before your order can be processed. Orders that include free shipping to schools are processed in bulk 2 business days after the order deadline. Delivery time may also vary depending on the type of products ordered. Usually photos get delivered to the school within 7 days after the deadline for ordering has passed but in busy times (autumn and summer terms) this can take longer.


Is the copyright logo (watermark) going to be removed from the image?
Of course! The watermark is only used to protect against illegal downloads and AI removal.


What is the quality of prints?
We are committed to offering only the highest quality on our very own dry-lab printers. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your photo products, please get in touch.


Can I crop the images?
Yes. You will find this option within the basket. If you crop the image, an enlargement of the selected area is created.


Can you edit a photo before I buy it?
All photos are edited before they are uploaded. We completely understand what kids are like, cuts and bruises at the worst of times! We work on the '2-week' rule so if something is on their face that will naturally be gone in 2-weeks, we will edit this out. There are exceptions to this, especially if it's around the eye or hairline as there is just too much details to edit. Please contact us before you purchase so we can make any necessary edits.


I rarely order online - how can I order my photos?
Select a photo that you like from your album and click "Order photo.” Then select the product of your choice, enter the desired quantity and click on "Add to basket". When you have placed all of the photos you like into your shopping cart, click "Basket" on the top right of the screen and follow the instructions. If you are still stuck, you can order over the phone and we will email you an easy to navigate invoice to pay.

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