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Kent School Photography

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Welcome to Kent School Photography

Looking for a new photographer for your school or nursery? With 8 years of teaching experience and an award-winning photographer, look no further!

Why choose Kent School Photography for your school or nursery

The photographer

Award-winning photographer and Kent School Photography founder, Chris, will come and take your photos. With years of classroom teaching under the belt, your photo day will run smoothly with someone who can actually interact with children - trust us, we've heard horror stories from schools!

Online sales

Gone are the days when the school would have to hand out proof cards a week after the photographer visits! With Kent School Photography, all children have a unique QR code that the parents can scan to view all the photos without the need of handing any proofs out

No admin for office staff

Children and parents dropping off money envelopes at the school office will be the thing of the past! Parents can place their orders direct from their QR code proofs so your office staff won't have to do any of our legwork

Stress-free day for all

A stress-free day is what we all want! Kent School Photography will work with you to ensure a relaxed and fun day is planned for your pupils and teachers. As we only visit one school in a day, we can guarantee we won't be rushing your pupils through in 15-second poses just to head off somewhere else after

Prints and gifts

Unlike other small businesses, we own our own printers and don't have to send them off to an external lab. We have invested heavily over the years and now everything we produce comes direct from our office. 90% of our free delivery to school orders are printed and packed within 24 hours

Local business

We are most definitely not a big national! Quite the opposite in fact and we intend to stay that way. This local and personable experience is why so many schools and nurseries are switching to us. The word is out there and almost every new place we visit is from a recommendation. Give us a call and we can pop over to your school to say hi - after all, we are just around the corner!

About Kent School Photography


Hello and welcome to Kent School Photography!

I'm Chris, an ex-primary class music teacher but now an award winning pro-photographer. This combination and real-world understanding of schools and photography helps make your photo day that bit easier.

If you're interested to find out a bit more about Kent School Photography or even me, then head over to our about page to read the story.

Our Services

Primary School portraits

We take our time with each pupil, not rushing through the class like a factory assembly line. Both state and independent school get the same service so regardless of you school's square meterage, your pupils will get the same high quality prints to choose from.

Class photos

Class photos are a great way to watch your children grow up over the years. We can do a variety of styles of photo from the traditional in a line photos to the more contemporary fun-looking styles that are sure to be a hit with both parents and pupils.

School prospectus photography

If you are looking for clean, modern and descriptive photos to show the best of your school, then get in touch to discuss your requirements and options.

Nursery and Pre-school photography

Looking for a fun and more importantly quality nursery photographer, then look no further! With some slapstick comedy and a heap of patience, we aim to get your little ones laughing away at the camera.

Special Schools

Having worked with children for nearly 15 years, we know how to interact with children with various educational needs. If you work in a special school, you know how hard it is to find a photographer to visit your pupils, so the fact we are outwardly offering this service says a lot.

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Kent School Photography based in Kent, UK. School Photographer for all of the South East including Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey